The Unfiltered Chronicles of a No-Code Studio

We are 8020 — a team of Makers, Tinkerers, Planners, and Doers, just like you. As a Webflow Agency, we experience highs, lows, and everything in between.

Grab a seat at the table and join our team as we explore the challenges, successes, and lessons of running + scaling a no-code agency. We'll surface the best "aha" moments from our team Slack, developer pro-tips, and insights from our decision-making process and package them into an approachable email digest + ongoing video series.

You'll get an insider view of how we work through challenges, both big and small. We'll not only share our solutions, but also the process, experiments, and frameworks that got us there.

Natalia (Operations Lead)

Sebastian (Head of Operations)

Anfernee (Experience Designer)

Matt (CEO)

Jake (Head of BD)

Max (Head of Dev)

Who You'll Hear From

We will be sharing experiences from every role on our team. From project management to sales to development and everyone in between, we'll share our learnings from end-to-end, celebrating the wins and the losses we make along the way.

What We'll Talk About

Web Design + Development

Discovery + Research

Project Management

Enterprise Clients

Hiring + Culture

Sales, Negotiation, Legal

Operations + Innovation

Who It's For

Freelancers looking to collaborate with agencies

Webflow Partners looking to learn from like-minded folks

Anyone responsible for growth + operations at an agency

Beginners looking to expand their knowledge and skills in No-Code