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Photo of Wave website before re-design

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Wave’s website looked fine, but below the surface it had become a migraine inducing maze. Only a small group of people with technical knowledge could navigate the legacy code to update and edit content. Despite having a talented team of marketers and designers, Wave found their potential limited. To continue to adapt and thrive they needed a top to bottom renovation of their digital domain, so they came to us.

Solving The Maze

Wave had decided to upgrade to Webflow and say goodbye to the snail speeds and convoluted code of Craft CMS. Now all we had to do was migrate 1,000+ pages and 2,500+ pieces of dynamic content from one platform to the other.

Wave website displayed on tablet

We’ll be honest, a migration of this size is a big lift. Luckily, we’ve been hitting the Webflow gym for years. We ended up building custom migration tools to keep everything clean and organized, all while managing Webflow development and giving the site a fresh look. We worked closely with the Wave team throughout the process to remove redundant pages, map out a new sitemap, and document technical requirements.

Screenshot of Airtable base with Wave migration data

Getting Synced

The talented in-house designers at Wave knew the history of the brand and where it needed to go. Our team at 8020 was there to work hand-in-hand with them to support their vision and provide technical perspectives on topics like: modularity, accessibility, performance, and consistency.

We worked in tandem to remove redundant pages, map out a new sitemap, and document technical requirements. Together we were able to simplify and cut down the total number of template variations on the site, making Webflow CMS updates a breeze for everyone on the team – regardless of technical prowess.

Wave website design in Figma

Same Key Strokes, Different Folks

Designers, marketers, and developers all needed to update the website, so we worked hard to keep things super simple. Using Webflow symbols, we created a structure that allows users to drag and drop pre-made components from a library directly onto a page. The marketing and design teams could now instantly edit the website without having to bug the developers, leaving them to focus on the stuff they love.

Screenshot of Wave website

Tech Support for the Soul

We don’t leave our friends high and dry after we finish a job. We wanted the Wave team to be comfortable navigating their new virtual home, so we created a personalized video library with 20+ videos documenting frequent workflows and nuances of the site. We also provided on-call support and training in the weeks following the launch.

Screenshot of style guide in Webflow designer

A New Wave

Just two weeks after the new website launched, Wave got in touch to let us know they were already seeing improvements:

Product screenshot of Wave website
Product screenshot of Wave website
Product screenshot of Wave website


Paid sign-up conversion increase


Increase in organic traffic to key converting pages


Improvement in performance / speed
Photo of Julianne from Wave
"On behalf of Wave HQ in general and the marketing team in particular, thank you for easily being the greatest agency partner I’ve ever experienced. Thanks a million for making this happen for us."

Julianne Smola


Sr. Direction, Brand & Communications

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